The Yes Yes, established in 2022, is a unique project of graphic design and boys lifestyle blended together to create a thoughtfully curated line of art prints and apparel. The Yes Yes is rooted in design, art, music, stupid jokes, street riding, snowboarding, nature, independence, free will, playing cards at 2 am, optimism, and commitment. And other things the boys enjoy in their downtime. 

We are a band of two graphic designers from Eastern Europe, Riga, Latvia. 

Our mission is to remind you about human creative nature and life/work balance. We hope to spark inspiration not only in you but also in others around you and add a little bit of value to your free time.


We, as humans, make connections to other human beings, animals, places on earth by what we see, hear, touch, or smell around us. It's all very different for every one of us, but still - we share the same patterns. And when you find a connection, inspiration in this place we are all together, it's pretty special!

Our mission is to simplify and make fun of the complex and sometimes confusing world we find ourselves in. By reminding us about human creative nature, we hope to create a playground for people who value little bit of good times in their life!

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