So, one day I started thinking about finally opening my very own art shop.

JZ: I was scrolling through Instagram and found this designer dude - what I instantly noticed was not some successful client work or impressive resumes, but style that somehow resonated with me. I sent something like - "wanna team up or at least stop by our office?" 

JAM: I was not in a great place that day - my last payday was coming up, I was still fighting off covid for the fifth month, felt like someone was stealing puzzle pieces off my yet to be finished puzzle. Then my phone went off. I received the message mentioned before and to what i replied: "Dude, I dunno how universe works, but I'm quitting my job today, so call it coincidence or whatever, but let's do it!"


So we met, talked about life. Lot of what-if's, how-to's & do-we's were around, but between the technicality, the real connection was born. Remember first time tripping, or earning very your own first 100 bucks? Listening to that record for the first time? Ok, I think you know what I mean. When that feeling hits you, it's amazing, isn't it? Ohh man, It feels like the whole world can't stop you.

What if you could keep this feeling throughout your life?



We as humans connect to other human beings, animals, places on earth by what we hear, touch, feel, hear or smell around us. It's all very different for every one of us, but still - we share the same patterns.

Our mission is to simplify and make fun of the complex and sometimes confusing world we find ourselves in. By reminding us about human creative nature, we hope to create a playground for the unknown to be discovered.